A 'Howie' - a forgotten hollow
(from Ayrshire - Scotland)
A 'Smith' - A skilled person, an artisan, a jack of all trades.

Creative spaces for creative people.

A PHD study in regeneration and the creative community

"A Social Enterprise supporting regeneration and the use of derelict spaces
to create artistic opportunity for the benefit of the Community"

Station Street Studios, Nottingham NG2
  The City Gallery, Nottingham

The Corner, The Lace Market, Nottingham NG1

  The Beacon on Bluebell Hill
St Ann's Nottingham
  Oriel Chambers Courtyard, NG1
The Five Leaves Bookshop
  The Nottingham Writers Studio
25 Hockley Nottingham NG1
  City Arts Nottingham
11-13 Hockley Nottingham NG1
  Desk Space
15 Smithy Row, NG1

Public Art in Nottingham
Station Street #rebelnotts
Lace Market #creativenotts

Links to spaces in Nottm.
Humberstone Gate
  Southwell - Burgage Garden Workshops
  Richmond House
Canal Street, Nottingham
  The Terrace,
Broad Street, Nottingham


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Through the Autumn 2013, and over Christmas and New Year 2013/14, the work was carried out to make the space safe and accessible
and ready to invite in the community;
however in March 2014, the site was granted planning permission and access to it withdrawn.

Also our Kickstarter project LET THE BEACON SHINE! was unsuccessful.

for more information
contact robert@howie-smith.org.uk

Many thanks to the volunteers who got involved.

The former Beacon pub on Bluebell Hill in St Ann's, Nottingham, NG3 3DS, has stood as an eyesore to the local community for 5/6 years now. Since closure it fell foul to vandalism and continues to be broken into and abused.

The Howie Smith Project was approached by Martin Sommerville and Carly Williams of St Ann's Projects and the Zig Zag Community Garden Project, adjacent to the abandoned site. The landlord was approached, who had recently purchased the property, and it was agreed that the site could be utilised for an initial one year period whilst decisions are made for its future.

Immediately members of the neighbourhood volunteered to work a day and approach the task of clearing the outside of the property, making an immediate difference to peoples approach to the empty space.

The Howie Smith Project will aid the necessary regeneration of the building to make it safe and useable, whilst working with St Ann's Projects to initiate potential use for the community and the possibility of running a kickstarter campaign to afford to bring about the necessary change. In the first month repairs are being costed and health and safety requirements put in place before the doors can open and the work begin.

In consulation with the neighbours we have been able to ascertain the desire
to open a self-sustaining flexible place, to share, learn, teach, swap skills, fix, make and create. A place to meet, to eat, to grow, to be part of the community. A place where collaborative art is part of the everyday experience. A safe space where people of all ages, young and old, can come together.

There have been suggestions of classes, workshops, fayres, exhibitions, live events, car boot sales and allottment markets, feasts, and a skate board park for the building and site.


for more information email robert@howie-smith.org.uk

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 “Bohemia : any place where one could live and work cheaply, and behave unconventionally; a community of free souls beyond the pale of respectable society.”