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A portfolio of community regeneration projects and buildings

Station Street Studios ..... The Art Organisation ..... Deskspace ..... Rebel Writers

The Beacon ..... The City Gallery ..... Five Leaves Bookshop ..... The Comic Shop

The Corner ..... The Echo Factory ..... The Community Gallery

Nottingham Writers Studio ..... The Courtyard Studios ..... City Arts Nottingham

Humberstone Gate ..... TAONottingham ..... RebelNotts ..... Broad Street

From 2011-2019, as case studies to a PhD study,
THSP obtained use of empty and disused property,
developing space for creative and artistic pursuit,
providing opportunity for community use, exhibitions, events,
workshops and education in arts related practices.

Alongside the academic research, independent regeneration projects were created and documented in line with the studies,
in Nottingham, Leicester and Southwell, exploring their potential and supporting possibilities.

The results of this study are now published online:

Creative Spaces for Creative People:
A study of Urban Regeneration and the Creative Community

The Howie Smith Project (THSP) recognises and supports:

Regeneration – Identifying buildings, that are an unnecessary eyesore in the community, for their potential,
will set about a change in neighbourhood decline and provide hope from despair in the recovery.

Social Impact
– Each project has an impact on society, creating affordable and variable space from dereliction,
involving the community, and understanding the needs of the creative community.

l – THSP take on widespread environmental issues dealing with dereliction,
and consider alternate methods of working practices and methods encouraged by alternate technology and energy sources.

Recycling and Waste
– Wherever possible it is important to use recycled materials, wood, brick, paint, furniture, equipment etc.,
to cut down on excess that goes to landfill.
THSP work locally with business to make use of waste products, and offer recycle opportunities.

– There are many people in the community that benefit from creating space for community artistic uses
and each project hopes to outreach to all interested parties and outline how they can be included.

Volunteer Opportunities and work experience
– The creation of space involves the participation of volunteers
eager to support each project and are core to each success.
Volunteering falls into the many categories of each project from administration, management, construction,
public services, education and learning. There are many opportunities for skill-share.

Mentoring / Training
– Working with volunteers it is important to provide a level of understanding of the individual,
their needs, their circumstances, seeking positive interaction and encouragement.
THSP works to ensure health and safety standards are met and sustained.

– Success of each project, on a financial level, leads to the opportunity of employment
within the project structure, and the prospect of earning individually through utilising space as a self-employed person,
opportunity to develop, teach; consider education in the arts, development, creativity and expression.

Financial Sustainment
– THSP supports to a level of profitability, developing methods of financial support
and exploring techniques of fund-raising from mostly within.

– THSP wants independence for each community project and the people working within each project,
to ensure the needs of the community are met.
THSP supports the artists and artists groups to achieve independence for the benefit of their development.

– Alongside the learning aspect of volunteer work, the creation of space allow community members
to teach their skills to the wider population. Providing equipment and facilities is an important part of each project,
ensuring the tools and equipment are available for growth within the spaces provided.

Creating Space
– Aids artistic growth – providing space for artists to work and develop and promote individually,
yet with the collaborative support of the artists community within each project and across projects.
A platform is provided for live music, theatre, performance, exhibition, installation, teaching, events and community practice.

– The spaces provide an artistic interest, a point of education and promotion for the arts
and therefore fit into tourist interests.

– THSP encourages the diversity of the arts and how it utilises alternate spaces,
and supports the freedom of expression within the arts.

Artists supporting Artists.

Bohemia: Any place where one could live and work cheaply, and behave unconventionally;
A community of free souls beyond the pale of respectable society.


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The objects of THSP are to carry on activities for a philosophically beneficial purpose,
concerned with the regeneration of disused property in support of the creative community,
and the conservation of wild species and the natural environment through research and artistic pursuits.
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